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STEM Friday: It’s Electric!

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Explore Electricity! with 25 Great Projects
by Carmella Van Vleet

Zap! Electricity i9781619301801s all around us. You wake up, you turn on the light, turn up the thermostat, open the refrigerator to get your orange juice, put some bread in the toaster for breakfast, and then lightening cracks outside. Everywhere we turn, our world is affected by the power of electricity.

In Carmella Van Vleet’s new book from Nomad Press, Explore Electricity! with 25 Great Projects, kids 6-9 will learn how humans discovered electricity and harnessed it for their own use. Circuitry, how currents work, electromagnetism, how motors work, alternative electricity – all of these topics are accompanied by glossary words, bits of fun information, safety tips, and hands-on projects that are easy and fun to do.

Did you know a frog helped invent the battery? An Italian teacher was using metal tools to dissect a frog when the dead frog actually moved! Another teacher, Alessandro Volta, heard about the moving dead frog and eventually proved that an electric charge had passed between the metal tools. He discovered that chemical reactions between molecules could cause electrons to move, and if the electrons passed through a conductor (like frog juice!) they could produce an electric charge. A battery was born!


With Explore Electricity!, kids can create their own circuit, make a lemon battery, experiment with static electricity, and lots of other fun projects. Have fun discovering the power of the world around you!

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One thought on “STEM Friday: It’s Electric!

  1. This is a great series & full of hands-on stuff for curious kids. I think a lemon battery would be better for kids than a frog… because I like to see my frogs happy & hoppy. Today at Archimedes Notebook you’ll find some ways to test squirrel intelligence.