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Carnival of Children’s Literature Groundhog Day Edition

Happy Groundhog Day! Last week the WordPress bot shut down the new Carnival of Children’s Literature blog before all of the posts were sent out, so on Sunday (the real Groundhog Day) I started the 2014 carnival all over again…on Pinterest! Well, I wanted the books we shared in the carnival to get pinned there, so now we’ll do it ourselves!

I added links on Pinterest to the blogs that came through before the bot shut us down. If your link did not go through, please email me so I can add it.


In February we will take the next step and make a GROUP BOARD:

What’s a group board?

A group board is a board that you, and others you invite, can all pin to.


I will set up the February Carnival of Children’s Literature on Wednesday, February 26th.

To add you to the group board, I need to know your Pinterest email address. (If you are NOT on Pinterest yet, this will give you time to join.)

I will make a call for addresses on February 26th. That will give us February 27th and 28th to add our links. (February is a short month!)


Anastasia Suen, Carnival of Children’s Literature Manager

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From her studio in Northern California, developmental editor Anastasia Suen reads, writes, and edits books for creators of all ages.

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