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STEM Friday: Exploring the Universal, Invisible Force of Gravity!


Explore Gravity! With 25 Great Projects

By Cindy Blobaum

Ages 6-9


Did you know that because there is no atmosphere on the moon, there is also no wind or weather. Footprints from astronauts who walked on the moon over 40 years ago are still there and it will probably take another 10 to 100 million years before they are covered by dust. How cool is that fun fact?! It’s taken directly from inside the pages of Explore Gravity! With 25 Great Projects.

For STEM Friday today we’re featuring our new book at Nomad Press, Explore Gravity! With 25 Great Projects, for kids ages 6 to 9. Gravity is a thing, it’s a noun, it’s something that affects everything in the universe, but because it’s invisible, it’s also a concept, something that can be hard to grasp with the brain. Explore Gravity! encourages readers to experiment with the concept of gravity while emphasizing data collection and scientific processing skills. Combining concept with application is the very core of STEM!!

roller coaster

Explore Gravity! introduces kids to the concepts of matter, attraction, and gravitational pull. Projects include creating a working model of a scale to learn what “weight” really means and how it’s affected by gravity. By playing with various weights to make a marvelous mobile, readers learn about the center of balance and how martial artists use this knowledge to throw their weight around. All the projects in this book are easy to follow, require little adult supervision, and use commonly found household products, many from the recycling box!

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Jane at Nomad

3 thoughts on “STEM Friday: Exploring the Universal, Invisible Force of Gravity!

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Jane! A gravity experimentation book would be a lot of fun in the classroom.

  2. Hi Jane,

    Hands on activities are by far the best way to learn science and this book is packed with some good ones.

    We’re featuring STEM books about tigers today at Wrapped In Foil