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Seasons of the Freshwater Pond Biome



This week’s STEM Friday featured book is Seasons of the Freshwater Pond Biome by Shirley Duke.

24 pages

K-3 interest level

Summer, winter, spring, and fall, see the changes to the freshwater pond biome throughout the year.

What makes this a great STEM book? 

This book offers a unique approach to understanding the freshwater pond biome. By taking readers on a trip through the seasons, they can easily understand the changes to climate, plant life, and animals that occurs throughout the year. This is an excellently written and engaging science read.

How does this book appeal to young readers?

Because of the narrative nature of a year, young readers will appreciate the changes that the biome undergoes. Brilliant photos support readers and keep young readers turning pages.

STEM Friday

It’s STEM Friday! (STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

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2 thoughts on “Seasons of the Freshwater Pond Biome

  1. This looks like a great book – kudos to Shirley for writing it! Over at Archimedes Notebook I’m reviewing “Wacky New Animals” by Heather Montgomery, who I met last fall. It’s a fun book, and I appreciate Heather’s generosity in sharing her thoughts (author interview).

  2. Looks like a fun one! Love the cover 🙂 At Tamarack Writes I’ve got a not-so-STEM-ey book, but a natural history type, and very interesting at that– Hawk I’m your Brother by Byrd Baylor.