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A Rock Is Lively


rockA Rock is Lively by Dianna Hutts Aston, illustrated by Sylvia Long, published by Chronicle Books, is the fourth book in the series by this team. I enjoyed the other ones, but having some experience with geology, and my own significant rock collection, I found this newest book to be particularly compelling.

One does not generally think of rocks as particularly lively, but Aston’s words, and Long’s illustrations take us on a journey around the earth (and even into space!) to see just how varied and changing and full of life rocks really are. The illustrations are perfection, full of color and detail, and capture the essence of a wide variety of rocks. Everything from the “mixed up” Lapis Lazuli, to the “galactic” rocks that fall from space, to the stunning insides of geodes are offered up to the reader with gusto. Aston’s words are poetic and yet simple. She skillfully captures the facts that make this book nonfiction, while at the same time giving them to us with a bright and clear voice.

I loved this book, and I think it might be my favorite of theirs. It is a beautiful example of nonfiction picture book done well. And one that my son and I can read again and again, continuing to be amazed at the stunning liveliness of rocks.

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4 thoughts on “A Rock Is Lively

  1. Anyone who gardens knows just how “lively” rocks can be! Thanks for reviewing this book. Over at Archimedes Notebook I’ve posted a review of “Naturally Curious” and interview with author Mary Holland.

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  3. Thanks Sue! I love bats!

  4. This is a great find! I really like the cover. It’s not easy to find a book on rocks that has a clear voice. Thank you for sharing!