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STEM Friday and Summertime!


Slime Poop

Summertime is here! As schoolchildren gleefully break the bonds of their scholastic routine, summer reading is often the last thing on their minds. And when kids do think about reading on their time off, they’re often geared toward fiction. But fitting in some STEM nonfiction isn’t all that difficult. Kids are natural scientists—digging in dirt, inspecting tree bark, and generally marveling at the world around them. Capitalize on your children’s natural curiosity this summer with interesting STEM-themed titles. You might want to start with a book I edited called Slime, Poop, and Other Wacky Animal Defenses. It recently made Science Books & Films’ “10 Top Summer Books for K-4.” What other books make the cut?

-Amanda Robbins, Capstone Nonfiction Editorial

4 thoughts on “STEM Friday and Summertime!

  1. This looks like a perfect book to get kids out of the house and looking at nature.
    Over at Archimedes Notebook I’m talking about humming birds and fledgeling hawks

  2. Summer is a great time to get out and explore ecosystems. Today I’ve posted a review of “Nature’s Patchwork Quilt” – an award-winning science book. It may inspire young artists to create habitat quilts of their own neighborhoods. I’m thinking: a quilt-like eco-collage… now to recycle bits of paper that match the palette of nature outside my window.

  3. What a fun book, Amanda! At Booktalking I’m sharing Pluto’s Secret: An Icy World’s Tale of Discovery. It’s about how Pluto was discovered and why it’s no longer labeled as a planet.

  4. Amanda,

    Sounds like the perfect amount of “ick factor” to draw kids right in.

    I’m also highlighting two Capstone graphic books about the digestive system and the circulatory system today at Wrapped In Foil