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Be a “Habitat Spy” this Earth Day


Habitat SpyThis weekend celebrate Earth Day by checking out the habitat you live in. A habitat is the physical environment around you, along with the plants and animals that share it. Your backyard is a habitat. So is the city you live in, a vacant lot, a forest or lake.

When Cynthia Kieber-King explored her back yard, she often wondered what was beyond the trees, beyond the hills… and what she would find if she started walking. Her book, Habitat Spy (Sylvan Dell, 2011) takes us on that journey with her, from one habitat to another across the country. But instead of describing the animals and plants you’ll find, Cynthia focuses on their actions: flycatchers dart, scorpions sneak… and she does it in quick, punchy rhyme.

What better thing to do this Earth Day than head out and get moving like the animals – and plants – that share your home? Like other books published by Sylvan Dell, Habitat Spy includes four pages of “beyond the book” activities focusing on what makes a habitat, animal adaptations, and food chains.   You can read a short interview with Cynthia over at Archimedes Notebook, and remember to check out more STEM books and posts below and in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Be a “Habitat Spy” this Earth Day

  1. Poetry about bug mugs only a mother could love: “Face Bug” at Sally’s Bookshelf

  2. Sounds like an interesting way to investigate habitats.

    I have an older favorite today that mixes both Earth Day and National Poetry Month: “The Earth is Painted Green” edited by Barbara Brenner at

  3. I like the combination of science and poetry.

    At NC Teacher Stuff, I am focusing on the E in STEM with a post about Castle: How It Works: