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STEM Friday: Waiting for Ice


Waiting for Ice
by Sandra Markle (Author) and Alan Marks (Illustrator)

Booktalk: Far north in the Arctic Ocean on Wrangel Island, an orphaned polar ear cub struggles to find food. Without a mother to feed her, this young female must fend for herself. Due to rising global temperatures, food is hard to find because the pack ice that the bears rely on for hunting is late in coming.

This past December, on another hillside, she was born in a snow den.
Her mother kept her close, safe, and well fed,
even after she climbed out of the den in early April.
Polar bear cubs usually stay with their mothers two to three years.
But this cub is already alone–on her own.

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2 thoughts on “STEM Friday: Waiting for Ice

  1. I love “Waiting for Ice” – what a story. At Archimedes Notebook the coral are waiting for fish – to help clear the kelp…

  2. I think I need to pick this one up. It was nominated for a Cybils, too.

    At Wrapped In Foil, we are talking about seasons as well, with Layne deMarin’s Desert Seasons, a picture book with controlled vocabulary.