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As regularly as the swallows depart from and return to San Juan Capistrano, teachers will soon begin flocking to their classrooms and the library. Sooner or later, they will seek the books on seasons. I will be ready.

DeGezelle, Terri. 2012. Exploring Fall. North Mankato, MN: Capstone.

Crisp and attractive photographs, single-page “chapters,” minimal text in simple font, a pleasing buttery yellow color, and a generous 11″ x 9″ size, are the hallmarks of this new Exploring the Seasons series.

Each book contains eight chapters. The first is specific to a season (“Season of Change” for fall, “Hot, Hot, Hot” for summer), and the rest follow a predictable pattern (“What Causes Seasons?,” “Water in Fall,” People in Fall,” etc.) The text is simple and easy to follow,

Lakes and ponds get cold in fall. But oceans have built up warmth over the summer. The warm water makes hurricanes more common in fall

and is accompanied on the facing page by a full, or larger-than-full page photograph or illustration. With enough scientific data to cover necessary standards, the Exploring the Seasons series is nevertheless, attractive enough to appeal to young readers or listeners. A word count , grade level and Early-Intervention Level are included on the last page. (255, 1, and 21 respectively)

Each title also contains a Glossary, Read More, Internet Sites, and Index.

Because Capstone Press’ target audience is beginning, struggling and reluctant readers, these books have a target age range of 5-7, but will be equally useful as preschool read-alouds to accompany storybooks on the same topic.


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5 thoughts on “Exploring the Seasons

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  4. I love seasons books. These look like fun to read. At SimplyScience, I have Animals: A Visual Encyclopedia from DK.

  5. I wrote this last Friday, but forgot it was a holiday weekend! I reviewed the book SECRETS OF THE GARDEN.
    If I get around to it, I may post one for this week as well. If I do, I’ll stop back and let you know.