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Counting on Math


Counting on Math
By Anastasia Suen (Booktalking)

STEM Friday

The last letter in STEM is M for mathematics. Here are two new math books, one for the very young (about counting to ten) and one for tweens and teens (about counting money!)

Picture Book of the Day

One Two That’s My Shoe!
by Alison Murray (Author, Illustrator)

Booktalk: When a mischievous puppy runs off with his owner’s shoe, it’s a race from one to ten to get it back again!



That’s my shoe!”

Chapter Book of the Day

The Secret Life of Money: A Kid’s Guide to Cash
by Kira Vermond (Author) and Clayton Hanmer (Illustrator)
160 pages

Booktalk: Odd anecdotes, engaging comics, and a wealth of surprising everyday connections help young readers see and understand cash from an entirely different angle.

Snippet: Cheddar. Bucks. Moolah. Funds. Bread. Bacon. Beans. Whatever you call your money, there’s a good chance you’re starting to take it a bit more seriously these days. Maybe you’re thinking about taking a babysitting class or mowing the neighbor’s lawn to turn your spare time into pure moneymaking magic. Sounds like a plan.

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Author: Anastasia Suen

From her studio in Northern California, developmental editor Anastasia Suen reads, writes, and edits books for creators of all ages.

8 thoughts on “Counting on Math

  1. Thank you for the guest post, Anastasia! I think The Secret Life of Money would be an especially helpful book.

  2. I’ve got a contribution today – a science-based mystery for middle grade readers, Poison Most Vial.

  3. Today we’re celebrating World Oceans Day by reading Your Senses at the Beach by Kimberly Marie Hutmacher at

    Happy STEM Friday!

  4. Today at SimplyScience I have a terrific technology book that’s filled with fascination information about today’s soldiers in The Science of Soldiers by Lucia Raatma.