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This STEM Friday is For the Birds


Today’s post is contributed by Sue Heavenrich, who writes about science and books at Archimedes Notebook.

I don’t need a calendar to mark the season: just the slant of the sun and the noisy birds outside my window every morning let me know that it’s spring. To celebrate the return of the robins – and red-winged blackbirds and mourning doves and …. I’m sharing a book about birds.

For the Birds: the life of Roger Tory Peterson

Written by Peggy Thomas; illus. Laura Jacques

40 pages, for ages 8 & above

Calkins Creek, 2011

I knew I would love this book from the moment I opened the cover – immediately inside is a field description of a birder, complete with identifying markings, habitat and range notes and a clear description of its call. What a great way to introduce a biography of the guy who gave us the Peterson Guides.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what a bird or flower or tree or rock is, there’s a good chance you’ve grabbed a Peterson guidebook. The idea of organizing information so anyone can access it quickly – whether by flower color or the silhouette of a bird – that’s only one of Roger Tory Peterson’s gifts to us. He also helped develop a public conservation awareness that endures.

You’ll find an interview with author Peggy Thomas at Archimedes Notebook

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8 thoughts on “This STEM Friday is For the Birds

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